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Spring 2017

The Magnificent Seven Ride Again! So Head for the Hills!!

Spring is now well advanced and the colours and perfumes of the fruit trees are coming to an end - a beautiful time of year. My vines are now shooting and are promising me a good but smaller crop for 2018 as it has been a dry winter after all that autumn rain - the last few months have been unusual too, alternating warm and very cold periods into September. The birds have now finished their nesting, I have survived the household magpies and now am enjoying their company as they musically chide their new offspring. A sad moment came in June though, when I had to say goodbye to my lovely dog Brandy who greeted all of you when you arrived over many years. Her time had come, as it does, and a new queen has come to continue the welcoming - Kellie (another kelpie to keep Mike company). There is a season for all things, and a new one has just begun.

The Magnificent 7 ... Seven like-minded winemakers from the Granite Belt (including me) have formed a marketing group to promote each other to visitors, and to carry the message of our wine quality to those who dwell in lands beyond. We have recently lost Boireann from our group as Peter Stark has retired, a great loss, but Jester Hill has now taken the place and our next function will be held there, at Jester Hill on November 18. Time for a change, so we are hosting a sit-down dinner this time - good value at $95 pp, including all drinks, gourmet food and the usual souvenir glass. So head for the Hills, mark the calendar and enjoy a good night out with us. Bookings at https://www.trybooking.com/SLGH . The Seven: Bungawarra, Casley Mt Hutton, Girraween Estate, Jester Hill, Pyramids Road, Ravens Croft Wines and Robinson's Family Vineyards .

Current Releases ... The 2013 Malbec has become the new star in my firmament. Huge, rich aromas and flavours that explode on your palate The 2014 Shiraz is now all gone and is succeeded by the 2016 Shiraz, a most worthy replacement The 2016 whites have achieved their own stardom too: the 2016 Reserve Chardonnay , 2016 Thomas Semillon and the 2016 Cerinova just getting better each day. The Thomas is an earlier picked style, only 10.5% alcohol and full of citrus flavours. The Cerinova is bone dry this time and full of the Gewurztraminer flavours and character that made the 2015 so popular, so make sure you try this one next time you're here. And at last ... the release of the 2017 Gewurztraminer after two lean years. My best yet - dry, delicate rose fragrances and spicy flavours. Sad to say goodbye to the 2016 Foundation Chardonnay but the 2017 Foundation Chardonnay lives up to it and is very similar.

Strange Birds ... Most visitors are familiar with the Strange Birds concept by now. Several Granite Belt Wineries have organised an Alternate Wine Trail so that you can sample wines made from the rarer grape varieties. Bungawarra grows Gewurztraminer and Malbec grapes which fit that category, so come and try them. Get a map while you're here to visit the other wineries, or go to http://www.granitebeltwinecountry.com.au/pages/strange-bird/

Shakespeare under the Stars ...Last year's play - All's Well that Ends Well – was a real hit, the all-female cast doing a wonderful job. Special mention should be made of the young ones who really stepped up to the mark, and the future for the Stanthorpe Little Theatre is shining brightly. Special mention, too, of the passing of our beautiful Veronica Hammond who directed and appeared in so many of the past productions and will forever be greatly missed. The next play will be something completely different - our first major tragedy (da da!), the one whose name is never to be spoken ... Macbeth. It happens to be my favourite though, with some of Shakespeare's best lines and speeches and so many phrases that have become part of our modern language (the milk of human kindness etc). Staged on the Saturday and Sunday nights on two weekends this time, November 4/5 and 11/12 - ambition and treachery, witchery, the corruption of an heroic soul and retribution under our beautiful Ballandean stars. It will be quite a night! You'll probably need a drink ...

Specials ... I need room for the new reds when they are bottled later this year, so the 2015 Shiraz/Cabernet is now a super special price at $99/dozen (plus freight). It's a soft, flavoursome but young wine, only 12.3% alcohol. The new-released 2017 Foundation Chardonnay is back as the white special, $130/doz . (plus freight). Both are very good value.

So here we are with Spring upon us and the vineyard bursting into growth with a new cycle of life beginning. Planning a visit? Come and enjoy what we have to offer on the Granite Belt - good wine and dining, and always the rugged bush country and national parks. Cool nights, warm days and that glass of red as you watch the sun setting and wait for the brilliant night skies to unveil! Who'd want to be anywhere else?

Cheers, Jeff Harden

Sunset at Bungawarra, April 2017








Below: Son Thomas and his bride Danielle,

married at Bungawarra June, 2012
A wonderfully happy day for Bungawarra!









Above: 2012 APPLE & GRAPE FESTIVAL - Penny & Tricia at the Bungawarra Tent with
the lovely "Colours of Rio" Latin dance troupe

Left and below:: Bungawarra's Wine Tent at the Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Festival, March 2010
(Penny & Tricia in command)

Synchronised pouring moment.....


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