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Jeff Harden and son, TomBungawarra is a small winery where our focus is simply in growing our own fruit and making the best possible wine from it.

Our wines vary from season to season because of this, but they are always the very best that can be made and truly reflect the natural flavours of our vineyard and the season. Personal attention and the hand of the winemaker on the vines and wines make us different from larger, more mechanized wineries. We have no restaurant or coffee-shop. We grow the vines, pick and crush the grapes, make it into wine and bottle it - all here on site - then present it to you in our tasting-room.

We make red and white table wines (both dry and sweet), a Port and a Liqueur Muscat - the latter, made from vines nearly 100 years old, having a distinct difference from more recent plantings in the area. The Muscat, along with two icon sweet wines (Bliss and Festival Red) are consistently popular and do not vary much from season to season because they are blends which to a large extent can be balanced.

Our Shiraz, Cabernet, Malbec, Chardonnay, Semillon and Gewurztraminer are single-variety wines, so are strong reflections of their growing seasons - they will vary from year to year but rarely fail to delight the taster, which is what a Vintage is all about. It is what makes wine interesting - the difference between the wines from different seasons, but grown in the same vineyard year after year.

Autumn SplendourIt's an exciting thing for us here at Bungawarra to put all our effort into the saga of a season - the weather, the birds, "all the shocks that grapes are heir to" (as Shakespeare might have said) - then to bring in the crop and slowly move through the winemaking process with our hopes and anticipation high.

The doubts and decisions, the dreams or occasional dramas and differences of opinion - all these eventually become part of the wine in your glass, and that is a very satisfying thing for a winemaker in a small winery who has been there for the whole process. Size really does make a difference.

Expect the 100% boutique winery experience at Bungawarra. An established vineyard for over 100 years, Bungawarra has a long tradition of winemaking which has garnered many awards (but that is only part of the story). Your own tasting of the wines is the most important part. We're here to show you our wines, to help and guide where you wish, and of course to sell you those wines when you like them. We are confident that you will.


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