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Autumn 2020

Well, we haven't had a good season at all this time – there will be no 2020 Vintage. Our small crop from the drought was halved by hail in January when the drought finally broke, and we just stood aside and watched the birds finish it because there wasn't enough left to warrant picking . It's part of the Bungawarra credo to use only our own fruit, so no 2020 Vintage. We have plenty of wine in reserve, however, so there will be no shortages except for the Rose. The good news is the dams and tanks are all full at last, with the promise of a more normal 2021 Vintage. And at last we are surrounded by greenery again!!

Covid-19 Update … Government regulations have now forced us to cease offering tastings of our wine till further notice. Mail orders and cellar-door bottle sales are still allowed, but this will have a severe financial impact on us. At a personal level, too, a big part of the joy of owning a winery like Bungawarra is the visitors who come to cellar-door and the fun we have along with the sales - I will miss this but hope it will continue even in a diminished form. The Easter through Winter period is usually our busiest time, and I hope many of you whom we would normally be welcoming will still visit us if you are here – even just to say hello and have a laugh or two. The Granite Belt is one of the safest places in Australia, with clean fresh air and lots of space that allow you to relax and enjoy the bush surroundings and (at present) the gorgeous Autumn colours. There are many self-contained B&B cottages that protect that safety, and we all need your support while everybody needs a break from the increasing pressure of the changes we are living with. Let's hope the travel restrictions are eased soon.

At this stage we are not certain that our usual events calendar can be maintained either. The Magnificent 7 event scheduled in Brisbane for October could be in doubt, as will our Shakespeare production. They are far enough in the future to still give us hope, and we all want to see life return to normal and resume our usual pleasures. In the meantime, we are missing you and to 'bridge the gap' The Magnificent Seven have compiled some special packages of our best wines at discount prices, frieght free. Pyramids Road Winery are handling the orders on their website. A sixpack of whites, a sixpack of reds and a mixed dozen are all on offer and can be seen at https://pyramidsroad.com.au/shop

Current Releases ... The 2018 Malbec and the 2018 Paragon are now ready for release but regrettably I can't offer them for tasting. Both are young but advanced beyond their years, with deep colour and flavour. The 2017 Gewurztraminer is almost gone, but a 2018 is waiting to replace it, with the same dry, delicate rose fragrances and spicy flavours. Young Tom has created a new blend, the 2000 Millennium Liqueur Muscat from our old reserve stock, and this is now released too. I think it's our best ever.

Specials ...Still the same red special, the 2017 Shiraz, which is $140/dozen (plus freight). - soft, flavoursome and young from the wet 2017 vintage, only 11.4% alcohol and a good luncheon wine which is slowly maturing to a fuller style. Our white wine special is now the 2019 Foundation Chardonnay at the old price, $130/dozen . Lovely and flavoursome,with a decided aromatic lift that is unusual in a Chardonnay.

Normally we would be anticipating the seasonal influx of visitors now, but of course everything is topsy-turvy and we simply don't know what to expect. The region is still the same with the parks and bush beckoning, while Autumn is always our best colour. Escape the crowds and enjoy a glass of red around the fire when travel rules permit. I hope a good number of you will come and say Hi, but even if you can't all of us at Bungawarra are grateful for your continued support and your mail orders. It will be lovely to see you, but we're also only a phone call away.

For the moment now, though .................... Cheers, Jeff Harden

Sunset at Bungawarra, April 2019






Below: Son Thomas and his bride Danielle,

married at Bungawarra June, 2012
A wonderfully happy day for Bungawarra!








Above: 2012 APPLE & GRAPE FESTIVAL - Penny & Tricia at the Bungawarra Tent with
the lovely "Colours of Rio" Latin dance troupe

Left and below:: Bungawarra's Wine Tent at the Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Festival, March 2010
(Penny & Tricia in command)

Synchronised pouring moment.....


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