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Autumn/Winter 2022

Well ... another Vintage behind us!! The incredible rainfall we've had over the last two years has continued till now and made this season quite different from previous experience - wet, cloudy and milder all year round. 2021 gave us double our normal rainfall and a few months of hard work controlling vine growth, but at least we seem to have returned to more normal crop levels. The 2022 reds are now in barrel and were a joy to pick and crush, so we expect good quality as they develop. The 2021 reds are about to be bottled and have matured into everything I'd hoped for - good flavours and body that have defied the incessant rainfall that Eastern Australia has been enduring. All that rain has caused other problems like mildew, but we have survived that and can only be grateful that we live away from the flood areas and the terrible suffering and loss there.

Covid-19 Update … Government regulations have made life unpredictable for all of us for some time now so an 'update' is subject to the series of further updates that are given to us unexpectedly. Currently we are allowed to be open for tastings and are part of the government's Covid plan, which means social distancing and sanitation rules but to a voluntary sensible extent - without the compulsory checkins and masks etc that have been pretty inconvenient. Apointments have been necessary to cater for the increased number of visitors, so if you are coming to Ballandean it's still a good idea to ring and make a booking at least when you arrive here. Visitor numbers have been up for the last several months now,and we don't want to have to turn people away

Our annual Magnificent 7 event may now be possible at last - with travel and social restrictions lifting we might now just be able to relax and have a little fun again. We've missed seeing the familiar faces at the events but many of you have still made the effort and visited us here. We look forward to seeing you again this winter and hope for a springtime revival of our Brisbane visit. Watch this space ...

Current Releases ... Regrettably our Paragon and Malbec from 2018 are virtually finished, but we are bottling their 2021 successors before May.In addition we have released another Malbec with friends, a blend like the Paragon but dominated by the Malbec - big, rich and deep.- to bridge the gap. Our Gewurz crop was again small due to the loss of so many vines in the drought, so we have repeated the blend that has been such a success in past years The Cerinova is a delicate, rosy white with nearly 50% Gewurztraminer and has become a big seller. Currently we are sold out of our Semillon and most recent Gewurztraminer, but our Chardonnay stocks have been maintained with new bottlings replacing the older ones as they come to an end .The Reserve Muscat Liqueur from old archival stock is still available and is perhaps the best we've made.

Specials … Due to the ongoing shortage of stock I've been unable to offer the specials of past years. It's a sad indictment of current conditions that I hope will improve with each new vintage, but as with other members of our Magnificent 7 group we do not buy in fruit from other sources so suffer a penalty at times like this. However, you know that this policy guarantees you 100% Granite Belt Fruit in every bottle we make.

Well, our busy season for visitors is now upon us so we hope to welcome many of you over the next few months. We have come through so much over the last two years and now it's time to relish our freedom to plan some travel again.. A good red around a fire need no longer be a dream ...

For the moment then.................... Cheers, Jeff Harden



Sunset at Bungawarra, April 2019






Below: Son Thomas and his bride Danielle,

married at Bungawarra June, 2012
A wonderfully happy day for Bungawarra!








Above: 2012 APPLE & GRAPE FESTIVAL - Penny & Tricia at the Bungawarra Tent with
the lovely "Colours of Rio" Latin dance troupe

Left and below:: Bungawarra's Wine Tent at the Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Festival, March 2010
(Penny & Tricia in command)

Synchronised pouring moment.....


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