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Spring/summer 2023

Another year coming to a close for us all and the festive season about to start! Looking back over 2023 gives me a lot of satisfaction. After the drought and flooding rains and the destruction these last few years have brought us, after the pandemic disruptions and the climate of fear that accompanied it – after all the abnormal events we have finally had a year of normality and predictability to stabilise our lives again. Time for some peace and a little prosperity now, and just to help this along we are now experiencing Nature leading the way. The period of dry weather at the beginning of Spring is looking to have passed now with the recent rain and promising predictions, so we are looking forward to a good 2024 Vintage after a pretty good one this year. I hope the excellent quality of 2023 is repeated with even better tonnages, and that a kinder climate gives us back the vines we lost as our replantings strengthen into production. The vineyard and all of Ballandean are such a picture now. Greenery and wildflowers everywhere. Spring and optimism go hand in hand!!

I'm a bit of an old dog now, but I have a new young one to freshen me up and greet the visitors with enthusiasm – the exuberant Lily who eagerly awaits more human company. She enjoys the bush and open spaces, loves chasing wallabies (even though they're too fast for her) and generally does what a good farm dog does to protect the property. Friendly to everybody, including the visiting dogs,

Current Releases

The 2022 Cerinova blend has been very popular and is now joined by the 2023 Gewurztraminer, which is a delicate full Gewurz and only just released..We only have a small number so it's not cheap but oozes quality.. Our 2019 Shiraz and the 2019 Cabernet have now finished but a new Shiraz will follow soon and the 2022 Paragon is ready for release even though it is young.. Sweet oak with a touch of vanilla and velvety tannins, with a slight earthy feel on a sweet cherry note. Already very smooth and ready to drink now, in a few years it will show the deep dark fruit structure once the oak slightly steps back. . Things are finally humming after several months where there was none of the popular Paragon for sale. Our new blend, the 2021 Shiraz/Cabernet has filled in admirably though . The 2019 Malbec with Friends has been an outstanding success and we are fortunate to have a good continuing supply of it – big, rounded, soft-finishing flavours that have introduced many of our visitors to the Malbec grape. I'm planting even more of it. Oh … and did I mention the Chardonnays ?

Well, our busy season for visitors is now behind us – it was lovely to welcome so many of you over the last few months. We have come through a lot over the last four years and now it's time to enjoy some travel again … A friendly glass of Christmas cheer is next for us all, along with the best of Season's Greetings …

For the moment then……....Cheers, Jeff Harden (please note new phone number)


Sunset at Bungawarra, April 2019






Below: Son Thomas and his bride Danielle,

married at Bungawarra June, 2012
A wonderfully happy day for Bungawarra!







Above: 2012 APPLE & GRAPE FESTIVAL - Penny & Tricia at the Bungawarra Tent with
the lovely "Colours of Rio" Latin dance troupe

Left and below:: Bungawarra's Wine Tent at the Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Festival, March 2010
(Penny & Tricia in command)

Synchronised pouring moment.....